Omg my husband loves me 🤩🤩

Few months ago, never in my wildest dreams I knew this guy would love me. I never believed Even I didn’t knew I would love him like anything. Keep loving me. I’ll keep on irritating you while you are asleep n you are awake 😈 Buhahahahahahahahahaha 😈😈 Mwaaah 😘😘


A rose won’t bloom, In a scorching sunny day, It gets withered day by day Without a shade, Without a care, Without a support, Losing all its beauty, Staying thirsty for some water, Until it dies…..

Waiting for the day I hold you in my arms , my baby! Alhamdulillah ❣


You are my sun my moon and all my stars… Never let me walk alone , I wanna be with you , through everything, through every thick and thin, And now I know that, I love you unconditionally, Even if I don’t receive the same, Now I know , Love , It is never something…

!!My love!!

I beg you for some love, Which helps me glow inside out, With helps me grow my self worth, So that I could pluck out the black seed, that started to take root inside my heart, before it turn out to be a sycamore tree. I no more want it to take root again, Coz…