You are my sun my moon and all my stars…

Never let me walk alone ,

I wanna be with you ,

through everything,

through every thick and thin,

And now I know that,

I love you unconditionally,

Even if I don’t receive the same,

Now I know ,

Love ,

It is never something that could be given and taken,

It is organically overflowed and poured to the heart of the lover….

I really dont know how much I love you ,

That I’m in search of ways and ways to pour more and more,

From mine to yours,

Peacefully, beautifully, soothingly…..

So that it remains immortal…



I’m crazily in love with you,

Without a mustard of doubt in my heart.

I love you.

Be mine forever 💕

You are mine only mine❤❤

In sha allah

In sha allah

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  1. Finally .!!! 😅😅😍😍😍😍

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